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About me

One day, years ago, I badly wanted to get on set of a commercial shoot. Amazingly, with some persistence, one of the DP's invited me on the set of Autofuss as they were filming a commercial for Google. Walking around the big warehouse - I fell in love. I saw the possibility of art and craft and concept and great work. That same month, I took a chance, and on the very last day of the application process, applied for the very selective masters program at VCU Brandcenter. They picked me! And even gave me some scholarship money. Bless their hearts. I put my head down and learned to concept - it worked, we made some work and won some awards. As the year came to a close, I set my eye on working for Apple - I got in! At TBWA/MAL, I wanted to work on a global campaign. Nailed that too! We made the most expensive campaign Apple has ever run. Now, I’m full time freelance and always looking for new enriching creative opportunities with my copywriter partner.

In my spare time I’ve traveled to 27 different countries, rode 1,000 miles in 24 hours on a motorcycle and still remembered to call my mother. Most weeks.